Ofelaš (Pathfinder)  [1987] HD
Ofelaš (Pathfinder) [1987]
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Ofelaš (Pathfinder) [1987]

Runtime: 1:22:48
Published on Oct 14, 2017
English dubbed version.

Pathfinder (original title in Sami: Ofelaš and in Norwegian: Veiviseren) is a 1987 Norwegian action-adventure film written and directed by Nils Gaup. The film is based on an old Sami legend.

From time immemorial the Sami people had lived alone in the Arctic area of Europe, but 1000 years ago Tchude warriors from the East invaded the territory. When the Sami teen-ager Aigin arrives to his family's cot in the evening, he finds his parents and little sister killed by the Tchudes. He flees to a Sami camp nearby. The Sami chief orders the community to decamp and go to another settlement at the coast, but Aigin and three others decide to stay and fight the Tchudes. When the Tchudes attack, only Aigin survives, hidden in a tent. Suddenly the shaman Raste turns up. He tells Aigin to go to the coast and warn the others, and gives him his shaman drum as a token. The Tchudes capture Raste. They want him to guide them to the coast, and start torturing him. When Aigin sees this he dashes forward, and says he will guide them, if they just let Raste live. They agree, but when they have left the camp with Aigin, one of them returns and kills Raste. Aigin now has to figure out how to mislead the Tchudes and save the Sami community.